Bila tinta berlabuh
minda mula berbicara
ceritera PHT terus berdendang
secangkir kopi jadi peneman

24 March 2010

Green thumbs @ PHT

A 'gotong-royong' was held yesterday afternoon all over the Library compound. Everybody took part in this activity except for a staff who was stationed at the Circulation Counter. This time we focused on replanting the ''ulam'' plants in the planter boxes near the Library parking lot. Ten groups are formed to see to 14 planter boxes.

The 'selom' leaves thriving well from the previous 'gotong-royong'

Erma watching En. Amran loosening the soil in one of the planter boxes

En. Kamal attempting to prune a tree shrub into an elephant shape. There's a term coined for the art and method of pruning and training certain plants into formal shapes such as animals. Can you guess what it is?

Fazreen happy to see the okra fruits all ready to be picked. Can you guess what okra is also known as?

Puan Anita said "Don't forget to water the plants, boys"

The answer to the question in picture no. 3 : TOPIARY

The answer to the question in picture no. 4 : LADY'S FINGER


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